Core Values say a lot about a company and the people who work there. They are also the guiding principles that help us navigate the day-to-day decisions to run our business. Here’s what we would like to share with you:


Ocean Wise

We are a proud member of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ program. Items on our menus marked with the Ocean Wise symbol are species that are caught or farmed in a way that ensures the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem.

Ethical Bean Coffee

Anyone in the hospitality business will tell you that Coffee is a pretty important part of our day and we’re mighty picky about our Coffee! We have chosen Ethical Bean as our Coffee provider because not only is it delicious, they are Fairtrade Certified, Organic Certified, B Corporation Certified, Climatesmart Certified, and Kosher. The Vancouver, BC, based company prides itself on being both just, and better, in everything that they do. Whether through programs that respect the earth and its farmers or by leaving a minimal environmental footprint, Ethical Bean is constantly seeking new ways to do the right thing. Just. Better. isn’t just a tagline. It’s the standard by which Ethical Bean lives and breathes.

Oyama Sausage Co.

John van der Lieck is a 5th generation charcuterie craftsman and owner of Oyama Sausage Co.. His enthusiasm is evident in his quest for ingredients. His partnerships with farmers and suppliers ensure that the best quality ingredients are always delivered to Oyama. We use John’s organic and locally sourced cured meats, sausages, and pâtés for all our Charcuterie Boards.